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    The Impact of Biotechnology Applications

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    Biotechnology allows us to use living organisms or their processes for human needs or purposes. Research how biotechnology is used today. Describe one use of biotechnology, answering the following questions:

    - What biotechnology application did you choose? Briefly describe this process or application.
    - What benefits are derived from this?
    - Are there any concerns or negative impacts associated with this use of biotechnology? Why or why not?

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    One of the best uses for biotechnology is for humans and specifically, the use of this technology to cure diseases whether they may be genetic disorders or due to pathogens.

    What biotechnology application did you choose?

    I chose "Gene Therapy" because it is one of the most promising areas of biotechnology research. Gene therapy is an emerging biotechnology application for curing genetic and somatic diseases of human beings by altering the genes.

    Briefly describe this process or application. What are genes and what is their role?

    Genes, which are carried on chromosomes, are the basic physical and functional units of heredity. Genes are specific sequences of bases that encode instructions on how to make proteins. If genes are altered or mutated, the protein is altered and so is the function of that protein. The encoded proteins are unable to carry out their normal functions, genetic disorders can result.

    What is gene therapy?

    "Gene therapy is a technique for correcting defective genes responsible for disease development." Researchers may use one of several approaches for correcting faulty genes:
    - A normal gene may be inserted into a ...

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    This solution of about 700 words chooses to discuss the biotechnology application called gene therapy and then describes the process, application, benefits and negative impacts of this therapy. References for further research are also provided.