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    Outlining experiment using scientific approach

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    For this assignment, choose two organisms that interact with each other, such as bees and flowers, or consider the effect of any environmental factor on an organism, such as light, sound, air quality, food preference, or nutrient quantity or quality .

    Now form a simple hypothesis about this interaction. Include the observation that led you to a hypothesis . Use the scientific method and your imagination to design an experiment that you might do to test this hypothesis. Be sure to include controls, and describe the variables that would remain constant and the one that you want to test. (Remember, you can only test one variable at a time.) Describe the type of data you would collect, and how you would evaluate it. What are your expected results (predictions)? State what your conclusion would be depending on those results. Would these results lead you to accept or reject your hypothesis?

    Your format should then look like this:

    Introduction: Describe your observation. Include any background information you may have found.
    Hypothesis: Write a statement that describes your explanation for the observation.
    Methods: Describe the experiment, variables to be held constant, variable to be tested, and controls.
    Predictions: What do you predict as outcomes (results) of this experiment?
    Conclusions: Do you accept or reject or accept hypothesis? Explain why.

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    Your attachment has a good introduction as to the system you are studying and the organisms that interact within it. I don't know if I would necessarily call water a life force but you are right that it is vital to nearly all living organisms. I've put corrected some grammar and made some suggestions as to the structure. I would suggest adding algae into the equation. Water is less an organism than it is a factor in the environment. Whatever ...

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    Explanation of the use of the scientific method in science. The example of an algae eater and its environment is used.