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    Scientific Method Case Study and Exercise

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    Use the scenario below, and solve the problem using Scientific Method.
    You notice that the grass around your house is brown, short, and dead. The grass around your neighbor's house is green, tall, and alive. Use your understanding of the Scientific Method to explain what you have observed.
    1. Recognize a question or a problem.
    2. Develop a hypothesis.
    3. Design and perform an experiment to test the hypothesis.
    4. Analyze the data and reach conclusions about your hypothesis.
    5. Share knowledge with the scientific community (your class).

    I need about two pages worth in detail please

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    The scientific method involves a hypothesis and a controlled experiment to test the hypothesis. The experiment must be done in such a way that the results could be replicated by someone else. With this in mind, formulate your hypothesis. It cannot be something like aliens made it die, because you can't test for that.

    You could for example hypothesize that you over-fertilized. This would be based on your ...

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    Solve a problem using the scientific method.