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    Taking medication versus making lifestyle changes

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    Many health problems (e.g., heart disease, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes, etc.) may be induced, in part, by an individual's lifestyle. Many of these conditions are treated with medication, although most of these conditions may be effectively treated through dietary and lifestyle changes. This library solution will discuss factors to consider when trying to determine whether one should choose to take medication or try to treat a health problems by changing one's lifestyle and dietary behaviors.

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    When trying to determine whether a health problem should be treated by a change in lifestyle or through medication, one should first consider whether or not the condition is life-threatening. A physical examination can help an individual better understand his or her condition. If an individual has a health problem that has already reached a life-threatening stage, it would be best to follow a doctor's guidelines, even if this means having to take medication (Moran, 2010). However, if a doctor indicates that the health problem is in an early stage where one still has the option of choosing to take medication or changing one's lifestyle then it would be recommended to avoid taking medication as many prescription drugs have numerous side effects (Moran, 2010).

    For example, some drugs that are prescribed for high blood pressure, a common medical condition, may cause constant fatigue, depression, impotence, and even kidney damage (Mangano, 2008). On the other hand, ...

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    This solution will discuss factors that should be considered when trying to decide if a health problem should be treated by taking medication or first considering whether lifestyle and dietary changes may improve the health condition.