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Factors Influencing Virus Infection

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Imagine yourself as a virus and you need to establish infection in an organ of your choice.Discuss the innate and adaptive immune responses that you will need to overcome along with their attributes to establish the infections and the type of immunodeficiency you will benefited by.

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The solution contains an overview is given of factors that influence virus infection in a host. Examples of innate and adaptive immune mechanisms are presented.

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Guidance on the question - assumptions and comments about the question
1. From the wording of the question, you may choose a specific organ as a site of infection and need not consider what might happen in any other organ.
2. This question may be answered through a general approach and not a specific one. By this I mean that you need not choose a specific virus to answer this question.
3. The phrase "their attributes to establish the infections" is unclear. It may be a good idea to clarify this with your instructor. Does the question ask you to give attributes of the types of immune responses? Or, is it asking for the characteristics of various means to overcome these immune responses? If you are pressed for time, I suggest trying to do both to some extent (briefly).
4. I would break this question into the parts suggested below.
5. What follows is not a hand-in ready answer to this question, but comprises an outline and guidance for answering it. Not everything is written in equal detail, but examples are given that you may use to model the additional information needed.

Part 1. You are a virus that infects cells of an organ of your choice. What will that organ be?
One example would be to make your target organ the pharynx (e.g., oropharynx and nasopharynx). Let's call you Virus P. You must bind to, enter, be uncoated, successfully replicate in, and spread from at least one cell type of the ...

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