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    Free Energy for Transport of Cl- Using Membrane Potential

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    Blood contains 0.1 M Cl-. Brain tissue contains about 0.02 M Cl-.
    (1) the G for the transport of Cl- from blood into brain cells
    (2) the energy expended by brain cells in transporting Cl- outward against the concentration gradient. Assume a membrane potential of -75mV (inside).

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    Please help explain with detailed steps/description the following....
    If needed: T=25°C
    R= 1.99 cal mol^-1 deg^-1
    Faraday's Constant= 23,062 cal volt^-1 equiv ^-1

    Blood contains ...

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    The Free Energy for Transport of Cl- is calculated using a Membrane Potential. All calculations are shown in detail.