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    Identifying Bacteria

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    If we are given a mixed broth tube with 2 unknowns, how will you isolate it? How will you know when it's isolated?

    Is it fair to say, that "Using sterile technique, I would preform the streak plate method. Once I can see, the 2 separate colonies in quadrant 4 of streak plate, I would put one of each colony into their own agar slant tube. I would know that they are isolated because you'll be able to see the difference on the streak plate but could also confirm through staining such as a gram stain.

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    It is very common to have a mixed population of bacteria growing in suspension. The easiest way to separate out these populations is to plate a small amount of the liquide on an agar plate. The sample is usually placed in one quadrant and then using a sterilized loop the liquide is streaked across each quadrant individually ...

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    Brief explanation regarding how to different bacterial strains are provided.