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Autism and Immune Dysfunction

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Currently, there is a link between autism and immune dysfunction. Please develop a research hypothesis and then describe how you would test the hypothesis to support the link between autism and immune dysfunction. Include experimental methodologies and appropriate controls.

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Autism and immune dysfunctions are examined in the solution. Experimental methodologies and appropriate controls are provided.

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We want to test the link between autism and immune dysfunction. Immediately then, we need to identify ways of categorizing whether someone has autism or not, and whether someone has immune dysfunction or not. These criteria will help us separate our subjects into different groups for the experiment.

Let's say we're specifically investigating a potential link between gluten-free diets during pregnancy and incidence of autism for the child. We hypothesize that gluten-free diets during pregnancy lead to a lower likelihood of developing autism for the infant.

Here, we must define what constitutes autism (think of the criteria for diagnosis), and what constitutes gluten-free diets during pregnancy. For the sake of ...

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