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    Immune System Cells and Function

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    I need assistance with the following questions. I need references provided so that I can understand the responses. Thanks for your assistance.

    1.The immune system is composed of several types of cells whose coordinated, concerted effort is required for screening, identification, and eventual purging of microbial invasion. Create a network diagram showing the components of the immune systems and the interaction and relationships between them.

    2. Sometimes too much of a good thing is not so good. When our immune system detects a foreign molecule and mounts an immune response, it is sometimes unaware that the foreign molecule is actually completely harmless. Many cases of allergies are a result of an aggressive immune response against an organism or molecule that harbors no real threat to our body. What are the components of our immune system involved in allergic reactions, and how does treatment of allergies manage to control them? Create a one-page brochure designed to explain the causes of allergies and tips for allergy management to a non-scientific audience.

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    This solution describes the various components of the immune system like antigens, MHC, and WBC types. It also explains the different components of the immune system and steps in an immune response. Web resources, references and primary literature are included for further understanding.