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    Is Venomousness Determined by a Sex-Linked Trait?

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    1. What happens when you step on a nail?
    2. What happens when you breathe in a virus?
    3. If female vampires are venomous, male vampires are venomous, and Nahuel (a Male hybrid vampire) is venomous, why are all known female vampire hybrids not venomous? Is being venomous a sex-linked trait or a coincidence based on other chromosomes? Why?
    4. Draw the chart of Ab titer vs time showing primary and secondary infection.

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    1. What happens when you step on a nail?
    Stepping on a nail creates a puncture wound on your foot. Puncture wounds typically create a low-oxygen environment resulting in an ideal breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria like C. tetani. Tetanus infection will occur and spread in such a wound, damage the nervous system of the individual and cause death if not treated timeously. The chance of infection is higher if the nail is rusted. Even if a recent tetanus shot had been taken by the individual, a post-injury tetanus shot as a booster taken within 72 hours of the injury is highly ...

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    The following posting discusses various biology related questions. Concepts discussed include sex-linked traits and primary and secondary infections.