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    Mouse strain nomenclature

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    Using the following examples, describe the components of mouse strain nomenclature and their significance.

    a) FVB.129P2-Apoe<tm1Unc>
    b) C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-cre)13Miya
    c) B6.Cg-Hprt<tm319(CAG-cre)Ems>

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    a) FVB.129P2-Apoe<tm1Unc>

    The period (.) indicates a congenic strain (backcrossed onto a single background for 5 or more generations). The first strain designation (FVB) indicates the background that the allele was backcrossed onto. The second strain designation (129P2) is the background the allele was generated in. This is the strain of the ES cells used. The dash (-) separates the strain background and allele components.

    Apoe is the symbol for the gene. The information within the superscript represents the allele. tm ...

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