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Manipulating the Immune System To Eliminate Cancer Cells Better

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Discuss an idea you have about how the immune system/cancer cells could be manipulated so the immune system does a better job at eliminating the cancer cells (it can besomething that you make up based on your understanding of immunology - don't worry if it can't be implemented).

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The expert examines manipulating the immune system to eliminate cancer cells better.

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Adenoviral therapy (sometimes called virotherapy) makes use of something that's typically an enemy to the immune system, to use as an ally in defeating cancer inside the body. One of the biggest issues with cancer is that it usually arises from normal tissue that is part of the host, which means the immune system won't detect any foreign antigens on cancerous cells. If it doesn't detect it as foreign, it will leave it alone, thinking it is suppose to be there.

There are a few ways an adenovirus can help the immune system seek and destroy cancer cells. Viruses, at their most basic core, are capable of infecting a host organism, attach onto particular cells and inject their genetic material into the host, ...

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