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1) In a tetrad analysis of a new ascomyete, you are observing a difference in phenotype between spores- some haploid spores are shaped like a square/cube (S) while other spores are round (r). when a square-spored strain is crossed with a round-spored strain, you observe 698 asci with the pattern (SSSSrrrr), 245 asci with the pattern (SSrrSSrr), 122 asci with the pattern (SSrrrrSS), and 124 asci with the pattern (rrSSSSrr). what is the recombination frequency? how far is this gene from the centromere?

2) You observed 15 asci with the pattern (SSSrSrrr). what happened? draw the recombination event (neatly please).

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1) Total offsprings = 1189
698 are the ame as parentals
245, 122 and 124 are not the same asparentals
Since the ...