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    Do Genes Influence Personality?

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    Describe some of the ways in which your own genetic makeup affects you as a person.

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    Well, this is more of a sociology type of question than a biology question if you are referring to the way genes influence behavior. I guess I will start with the obvious. Your genes influence all of your physical traits. They determine hair color, eye color, height, nose structure, toe length, kind of hair, and how big your liver is. Everything is determined by your genes. Sometimes these genes are faulty and can causes certain diseases. If the genes for the mechanism that controls cell division are damaged, then cancer development is likely. Also, the presence of certain genes can cause the development of diseases. Having an extra 21st chromosome causes Down's Syndrome and there is a gene that causes Alzheimer's.

    Remember that genes work in pairs and that there are dominant ones and recessive ones. One of the pair comes from ...

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    This solution discusses the possible connection between genetics and behavior. It relies on personal accounts and examples to explain this connection, or rather lack of connection.