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Daughter cells and identical set of chromosomes in mitosis

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Briefly explain with the aid of diagrams, how the process of Mitosis ensures that each daughter cell receives an identical set of chromosomes?

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S Phase: It is the synthesis phase during which the DNA molecule of each chromosome replicates. It helps in the perpetuation of hereditary information from one generation to the other, as DNA, which is the carrier of genetic information, replicates before the cell divides, thus ensuring that each new daughter cell receives a complete, identical set of chromosomes. An exact copy of the cell's DNA is synthesized on the existing template of DNA.

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Mitosis, or nuclear division, in eukaryotic cells ensures that each new cell receives a full set of chromosomes identical to that in the parent cell. Mitosis alternates with interphase (G1, S and G2) in the cell cycle. In order to divide, a cell must grow to produce more cytoplasm and organelles, duplicate its chromosomes, arrange the chromosomes into two identical sets (mitosis), form a new cell around each set of chromosomes (cytokinesis), together these processes make ...

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