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    Hfr, F+, F', F-

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    The following table contains statements pertaining to Hfr, F+, F', and/or F- strains of bacteria. Indicate in respective boxes if the statements apply to each category by putting Hfr, F+, F', F- beside the statement.

    a) Contains genes that regulate conjugation and the transfer of DNA from one cell to another
    b) Always acts as the recipient in conjugation
    c) F factor is integrated into the host chromosome
    d) Cannot form a pilus
    e) F factor is in the plasmid form carrying a segment of chromosomal DNA

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    The categorization of the F+ / F- and Hfr bacteria follows some pretty basic rules. Bacteria exchange some of their genetic material "horizontally" - they can pass genetic material from one bacterium to another via a process called conjugation. Only some bacteria can actually initiate this transfer however, and others tend to receive. The F-factor, or fertility factor, is a segment of genes which cumulatively give the bacterium the ability to initiate conjugation. This ...

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    The expert examines the contained genes of regulated conjugations.