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    Benefits of Biodiversity

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    Dear OTA,

    I am currently faced with the subject of biodiversity and how I actually benefit from it. On a broad scale I recognize that various resources and cultures can contribute to sustainability as a whole, but how do I explain how the general population benefits from it?

    I am also curious as to any insight regarding the world's most "diverse" area and what threatens it the most.

    Best regards,

    An aspiring applied anthropologist

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    Dear Aspiring Applied Anthropologist

    You pose a good question and while it might be hard to believe we are all connected and what we do here has an effect on what happens elsewhere in the world. "The country's done," poet Bai Juyi wrote. "Only in the mountains will you find unpolluted areas." According to Thomas Bird, (CNN, January 23, 2014) 60 percent of the world's cement is in China

    The same theory applies to ecosystems. What we do in North American has an effect on China. We support their manufacturing dynamic, which therefore has an effect on the biodiversity in both regions.

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a website with useful information on the subject. The subject bar has the category, Impacts and adaptations. The key to keep in mind is that the planet has changed and evolved since the start. But with the ...

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    The ideas about how humans are affected by biodiversity are discussed.