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    Animal and plant behaviour in spring

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    I've been taking observations on Quail, Desert Hair, a Fugi Apple Tree, and a Cherry tree, and i am typing a full page(front&back) on each of the organisms i observed. I need some facts about the behaviors of these organisms indicative to Spring. i live in Nevada where the average high temperatures have been in the 60's and the low's in the 30's, and both the apple tree and cherry tree have started to blossom. all i need is a solid paragraph or two on each organisms behavior IN SPRING.

    If you could find any relationship between the organisms, and a food web for each, it would help.

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    Hi there,

    I'm happy to help you out with some preliminary research for your report. Feel free to augment these brief paragraphs with as much detail as you care to add.

    1. Quail

    A major spring event for a huge number of animal species is breeding. As the days get longer, there is a longer photoperiod that is sensed by the brains of these animals. You can think of this as a way that your brain measures how much sunlight your body has been exposed to. In spring breeders, increasing photoperiod tends to contribute to hormonal changes in the body and results ultimately in mating habits. I will focus on mating for the two animal species you have listed in your question.

    To begin with, quails tend to live in groups in winter. These groups tend to range from as few as 15 birds to as many as 200. As the warmer weather of spring returns, quails tend to pair off to form mating pairs. I believe that these birds are monogamous, meaning that each pair will remain together for an entire breeding season. In spring, I would expect to hear male quails calling out for mates, and ultimately a successful male will be chosen by a female bird.

    Mating season and nesting obviously must occur at the same time, so spring would be a time when female quails prepare their nests. These nests are built on the ground, and will hold the 10-15 eggs that the female lays. Like nest building, the female does most of the work related to incubating the eggs.

    2. Desert Hair (also called the black tailed ...

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    A 1000 word response detailing spring behaviors of quail, desert hair, Fugi apple and cherry trees. Specific information related to breeding and blooming in spring.