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    What is 'in vitro transcription and translation'

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    Suppose you were to construct a synthetic RNA from a repeating dinucleotide AGAGAGAGAG and then use it as a messenger to synthesize a polypeptide in an in vitro system. What type of polypeptide would you make from this polynucleotide? Would you expect to have more than one polypeptide? Why?

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    In molecular translation information in RNA is transformed into a series of amino acids in protein by ribosomes. Have a look at the genetic code, for example at this site: http://www.neb.com/nebecomm/tech_reference/general_data/genetic_code.asp . The genetic code tells you which amino acids ...

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    The following posting discusses why translation from all three reading frames is needed to predict polypeptides from a synthetic nucleotide sequence.