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    order of the loci in the chromosome

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    If a woman is heterozygous for three x-linked loci AaBbDd, She has seven sons with follow genotypes

    Two are X^ABd Y
    three are X^abDY
    one is X^ABD Y
    one is X^Abd Y

    1) what is most likely combination of alleles on each the mothers chromosomes

    2) which is the sons are recombination, bw what genes is the cross over
    abD is result of combination
    crossing over between B and D

    3) list other possible recombinant genotypes

    please verify answers

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    You look to have answered the first part of the question very well. With multiple sons having ABd and abD it is likely that those are the two combinations of alleles on the maternal chromosomes.

    For the next two parts however, you need to take a guess at the order of the loci in the chromosome: i.e, does it make sense to have a crossover between the B and D sites? Remember ...

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    The order of the loci in the chromosomes is examined.