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    Multiple choice lab questions on monera and protista

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    Please answer the attached questions on monera and protista.

    LAB 14- B

    1- To what extent would filamentous cyanobacteria be considered multicellular?
    2- Which of the following words or phrases describes the heterotrophic bacteria, the cyanobacteria, both or neither?
    a. lack of nuclear envelope
    b. photosynthesize similarly to green plants
    c. possess a cell wall
    d. eukaryotic cells
    e. symbiotic relationships
    f. saprobes

    LAB 14-C

    1- Was the interior of the amoeba homogenous or was there an indication of various organelles?
    2- Describe the process of amoeboid movement. Does the cytoplasm remain stationary as the amoeba moves or does it shift as movement proceeds?
    3- Does the Paramecium cytoplasm appear homogenous or show evidence of specialization?
    4- Which of the following phrases describe the phylum ciliophora, the phylum sarcomastigophora, the phylum apicomplexa, or none of these phyla?
    a. unicellular organisms
    b. lack membrane-bound organelles
    c. body covered with cilia
    d. two nuclei
    e. move by pseudopodia
    f. all parasitic

    LAB 14 D

    1- Was the "body" of Euglena rigid or flexible? Why?
    2- How is Euglena both animal like and plant like?
    3- How did Spirogyra get its name?
    4- The red pigment in the members of the phylum Rhodophyta absorb the blue wavelengths of light that can penetrate deeper water. How would this determine the habitats and body structures of red algae?
    5- Identify the plant like protest phylum or phyla that these phrases describe
    a. lack a cell wall
    b. mainly multicellular members
    c. photosynthetic
    d. cell wall composed of silica
    e. nuclear envelope
    f. ancestors of higher plants
    g. commercial source of agar

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