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You run four computer labs.Each lab contains computer stations that are numbered as the table below.

Lab number Computer Station numbers

1 1-5
2 1-6
3 1-4
4 1-3

Each user has a unique five-digit ID number.Whenever a user logs on, the
users's ID,lab number,and the computer station number are transmitted
to your system.For example,if the user 49193 logs onto station 2 in lab 3,
then your sytem recieves(49193,2,3) as input data.Similarly,when a user
logs off a station,then your system recieves the lab number and computer station number.

write a computer program that could be used to track,by lab which user is logged
onto which computer.For,example if users 49193 is logged into staion 2 in lab 3 and
user 99577 is logged into station 1 of ab 4 then your system might display the following.

Lab Number Computer Stations
1 1:empty 2:empty 3:empty 4:empty 5:empty
2 1:empty 2:empty 3:empty 4:empty 5:empty 6:empty
3 1:empty 2:49193 3:empty 4:empty
4 1:99577 2:empty 3:empty

Create a menu that allows the administrator to simulate the transmssions of information by
manually typing in the login or logoff data. whenever someone logs in or out the display
should be updated. also write a search option so that the administrator can type in a user
ID and the system will output what lab and station number that user is logged into or "none"
if the user ID is not logged into any computer station.

You should use a fixed array of length 4 for the labs.Each array entry points to a dynamic array that stores the user login
information for each respective computer station.

I would like to use these functions below this as far i got.

Create Arrays(Int Ptr labs [],int lab sizes)Creates dymanic arrays for users

Free Arrays(Int Ptr,Labs[])//Releases memory allocated with "new"

Show Labs(Int Ptr,Labs[],int lab sizes[])//Displays the status of all labs who are logged into which computer.

Login(Int Ptr Labs[],int lab sizes[])//Simulates a user logging in searches through arrays for I.P user Id

Logoff(Int Ptr Labs[],int lab sizes[])//Searches through arrays for I.P user Id if found logs that user out.

Search(Int Ptr labs[],Int lab sizes[])//Searches through the arrays for the I.P user Id if found outputs the station number.


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Below is the C++ program. Simple to follow. There are comments. If you have questions write, I will be able to answer tomorrow. Good luck

I have now attached the whole C++ project in a zip file. I have not changed anything in the code. It is working as before. You will also find in the debug foilder the executable which you can run and test immediately.It is strange that you were not able to compile this code. Are you using Visual Studio 2008 C++?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

//define the type for the station
typedef int StationType;

//Total number of labs is fixed
const int TOTAL_LABS = 4;
//Size of each lab is also predefined
int LabSizes[TOTAL_LABS] = {5,6,4,3};

//A dynamic array of stations
StationType* Labs[TOTAL_LABS];

//Creates dynamic arrays for users
void CreateArrays(StationType* labs[], int labSizes[])
for(int i=0;i<TOTAL_LABS;i++)
//allocate stations in a lab
labs[i] = new StationType[labSizes[i]];
for(int j=0;j<labSizes[i];j++)
//initialize user id as 0
labs[i][j] = 0;

//Releases memory allocated with "new"
void FreeArrays(StationType* labs[])
for(int ...

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