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    angiosperms and gymnosperms

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    Please answer these questions asap.


    a) Distinguish between gram-negative and gram postive bacteria. What external structures may be present in both?

    b) Draw and label a complete virus.

    2. Describe what is meant by alternation of generations.

    3. Compare and contrast angiosperms and gymnosperms.

    4. Name the four major tissue types of animals, and give an example of each type.

    5. What factors contribute to producing a membrane potential? Briefly explain how the neuron develops and maintains a resting potential.


    a) Why is it important for organisms to have respiratory surfaces? What challenges do terrestrial animals with respiratory surfaces face?

    b) Identify three types of respiratory surfaces/structures. Explains why each structure is necessary for the organisms that use them.

    7. Identify three serious environmental issues that effect our world, explains why these isses are so important.

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    The expert distinguishes between gram-negative and gram positive bacteria. A complete virus is labeled.