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    Components of Immune system

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    Flow chart showing the components of the specific immune response that shows the interaction and relationships of the cells in both humoral & cell mediated immunity.

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    Immunity is of two types : Innate immunity and acquired immunity. Acquired immunity is carried out by two group of cells - Lymphocytes & antigen presenting cell. Lymphocytes are of two types - B-cells and T-cells.

    B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes arise from the same stem cells in the red bone marrow found inside most of the flat bones, as do other blood cells. B-lymphocytes remain in the bone marrow to develop competence (differentiation) and then move to lymphoid tissues and the blood. B-cells participate in humoral immunity. T-lymphocytes migrate to the thymus gland where they develop competence (differentiation). T-cells participate in cell mediated immunity.