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    The Grass Is Really Greener

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    Need to determine the best way to export new grass seed.

    Case: The Grass Is Really Greener
    It's not usual for city people to be concerned about plants or grass-they see so little of them. Nevertheless, Martha Goldman has been interested in these things since her first biology course back in Brooklyn, New York. Martha won all the awards in the science fairs and eventually was the recipient of a scholarship to college. She chose to major in botany and became fascinated with the creation of hybrid plants and grasses. Martha was also concerned about the problem of hunger around the world. She knew that improved plants and grains increased the productivity of American agriculture, and hoped that someday, she would find a way to play a small part in reducing world hunger.
    After college, with the help of her dad, she opened a small wholesale greenhouse. The business was a modest success and allowed Martha to experiment with new growing methods. Two years ago, Martha's research paid off. She had been working on developing a fast-growing grass that needed less water. One of the experiments produced a grass that seemed to have real potential. She tested it with a local cattle rancher. All tests so far have shown that the new hybrid grass is better for feeding cattle. Martha may have realized her dream-a grass that will grow better in parts of the world that could not previously support cattle. High protein beef cattle may now be able to thrive in parts of the world where previously it was not possible.
    How should Martha proceed to determine the best way to export her new grass seed?

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    How should Martha proceed to determine the best way to export her new grass seed?

    Martha should first determine the potential of her seed in different parts of the world and in which areas the seeds are likely to be successful. Second she should also determine who are going to be her customers. Is her seed useful for ranchers, grower, back grower or seed stock? Even now in several part ...

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