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Statistics of SPSS 2004GSS.sav data file


Examine variables in the "2004GSS.sav" data file. Choose one from the following three variables to be the dependent variable in the hypotheses you will establish.

a. Grass b. Fear c. Gunlaw

Choose another variable from the data file as the independent variable and formulate three research hypotheses about the relationship between the selected variable and the Grass, Fear and Gunlaw. State clearly in each hypothesis the direction of the relationship.
Determine the level of measurement for each of your independent variables and the dependent variable (in terms of categorical/discrete or continuous/scale).
Provide a brief theoretical basis/logical reasoning for your hypotheses.

Submit your responses using MSWord. Copy and paste any data or tables into one MSWord document. Label each section clearly. For written answers, please make sure your responses are well written, use APA formatting, and have the proper citation, if needed.

I am really struggling...any help would be so great.


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