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Lineweaver-Burk Plot from Absorbance Data

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I carried out a practical last week and need to write it up but canot remember how to do the calculations from the Michaelis-Menten graph plotted which I guess helps me to plot a Lineweaver-Burk.
I have attached the practical requirements.
I have to produce a table (attached) but cannot fill in certain columns until I can work out calculations. Could someone please show me how to calculate using one example so I can complete table and write my practical?

I had 12 test tubes the 1st six were control second six had inhibitor added. The substrate concentration in each six test tubes were (for first six, then following six) 0.1mM, 0.2mM, 0.4mM, 0.8mM 1.6mM and 2.4mM. Absorbance was measured at 700nm and recorded in order as follows: 1st six - 0.038, 0.064, 0.094, 0.206, 0.199 and 0.238 2nd set was 0.039, 0.067, 0.064, 0.110, 0.119 and 0.230.

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Solution Summary

The calculations and graphs required for Lineweaver-Burk plots for enzyme data with and without inhibitor are shown.

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