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Hydrolysis of Phosphocreatine

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For the hydrolysis of phosphocreatine:
Phosphocreatine + H2O==creatine + Pi
the standard state deltaG is -42.8 kJ/mol at 37 degrees celsius. If in a given cell the concentration of creatine is 1.7mM, phosphate is 5.8mM, and phosphocreatine is 6.4mM, what is the deltaG for hydrolysis of phosphocreatine in the cell? Nearest 0.1kJ/mol.

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In the reaction,

A + B <-----> C + D

the following is true,

&#916;G = &#916;G°' + RT ln([C][D]/[A][B])

Therefore, in this reaction,

Phosphocreatine + H2O <------> creatine + Pi

the following is true,

&#916;G = &#916;G°' + RT ...

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