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Estimating total body weight

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If I had a body mass of 56 kg how would I get an estimate of my total body weight? I need a full calculation and what the method is called. Also, I have read that D2O IS used in some experiments to calculate tbw in kgs. Can you explain this process fully to me?

The article I have read is 'Rapid measurement of deuterium content of breath following oral ingestion to determine body water' Simon Davis. Physiol meas 22 651-659.

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English Formula
Body Mass Index can be calculated using pounds and inches with this equation

BMI = (Weight in Pounds divided by
(Height in inches) x (Height in inches) ) x 703

For example, a person who weighs 220 pounds and is 6 feet 3 inches tall has a BMI of 27.5.

( 220 lbs. divided by
(75 inches) x (75 inches) ) x 703 = 27.5

Metric Formula
Body Mass Index can also be calculated using kilograms and meters (or centimeters).

BMI = Weight in Kilograms
(Height in Meters) x (Height in Meters)
BMI = ( Weight in Kilograms divided by
(Height in centimeters) x (Height in centimeters) ) x 10,000

For example, a person who weighs ...

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This solution answers in 434 words how to calculate body mass index as well as a discussion in regards to healthy weight and total body water are also provided.

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