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Run the test at a 5% level of significance.

A small pilot study is conducted to investigate the effect of a nutritional supplement on total body weight. Six participants agree to take the nutritional supplement. To assess its effect on body weight, weights are measured before starting the supplementation and then after 6 weeks. The data are shown below. Is there a significant increase in body weight following supplementation? Run the test at a 5% level of significance.

Subject 1, Initial weight 155, Weight after 6 weeks 157;
Subject 2, Initial weight 142, Weight after 6 weeks 145;
Subject 3 initial weight 176, Weight after 6 weeks 180;
Subject 4, initial weight 180, weight after 6 weeks 175;
subject 5, initial weight 210, weight after 6 weeks 209;
subject 6, initial weight 125, weight sfter 6 weeks 126

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Hypothesis test at 5% level of significance has been carried out.