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Please see attached file.


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Please open up the Excel file that I attached.

The first thing I did was to transfer the data from the Word document into Excel. No problem there.
Then, I reformatted the data so that it looked uncluttered. Essentially, remove all formatting for the cells.

Next, we want to obtain double-reciprocal data so that we can plot and analyze the data easily. This is important so that we can create a Lineweaver-Burke plot. Therefore, you will see that I created two new columns, 1/[S] and 1/rate.

Then we create a plot to visualize the data.

To do this, highlight everything from D2 to E8. Make sure you understand this. Start your highlighting in D2 and go to E8. You should have a block of 14 cells highlighted.

Once you've done that, go to Chart Wizard and select XY (Scatter) and select the subtype with no connecting line. All you want is the data points. Click "Finish."

You will see a preliminary graph for the data set with no inhibitor present.

Right click on ...