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Aspects of biology will be critical for solving future problems

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What aspects of biology will be critical for solving problems of the future?

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The aspects of biology which will be critical for solving future problems are determined.

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There are many aspects of biology important for solving current and future problems. Let's look at a few:

1. Microbiology and the Emergence of "Super Bugs" -- More and more, we are seeing the emergence of microorganisms with multiple antibiotic resistances that are practically impossible to kill. They are springing up primarily in hospitals and preying on the weakest members of our societies -- those who are already sick and vulnerable. What can be done to stop these organisms? How can we stop them? What knowledge of their biology may be exploited to kill them? Due to the chronic use of multiple antibiotics over the years, we have helped create these organisms in the first place. Now, what can we do to eliminate ...

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