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    E. Coli versus HIV

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    Present and discuss the differences and similarities in the structure of E. Coli and HIV. Discuss E. Coli and HIV differences in their classification - generally referred to as a natural or phylogenetic classification system. Structural differences can simply be addressed by distinguishing the physical differences between E. Coli and HIV. Characteristics that are commonly used to classify or distinguish the differences between the microorganisms may also be presented.

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    I'll give you some background info on the 4 areas that seem to warrant discussion here:

    1) Natural vs. phylogenetic classification of E. coli and HIV
    2) Basic structural differences
    3) How bacteria and viruses are classified, and where E. coli and HIV are in these categories
    4) Common characteristics used to distinguish E. coli and HIV

    1) Natural classification refers to classifying an organism based on a concept of descension from common ancestors while phylogenetic classification classifies based on similarity in genome. E. coli itself is a species which has many different strains, categorized into many groups. However, the entire species is genetically closest to E. fergusonii, a different species of Gram negative, ...

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    The expert discusses the differences and similarities in the structures of E. Coli and HIV. The differences in their classifications are provided.