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    Correlation Between Blood Pressure and New Medication

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    To complete this exploration you will continue to utilize the Mastering Biology companion Web site. Complete the activity: GraphIt!: An Introduction to Graphing, including answering the tutorial questions to build your understanding.

    Create and describe a data set including independent and dependent variables (be creative) and a table of the data. Explain how this would best be graphed to accurately present the results of the research (type of graph, axes, and scale limits - minimum and maximum).

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    Our example data set consists of the correlation between blood pressure and new medication to control blood pressure. Suppose a group of adult hypertensive patients (persons with high blood pressure) is split into Group A, Group B and Group C. Group A is given a new medication being tested to control blood pressure. Group B is given medication currently available in the market. Group C is given a placebo as a sham treatment. The blood pressure of patients in each group is measured and an average ...

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    The solution discusses the correlation between blood pressure and new medication.