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Exploring Joints in the Body

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I need some assistance with getting started on the following:

- Select a joint in the body. Classify it as specifically as possible (e.g. gomphoses, pivot joint, hinge joint, etc).
- List all muscles, ligaments, tendons, bursa, bones, and cartilage associated with the joint.
- Describe the movements the joint is capable of.
- Describe a disease that can occur in this joint, including causes, treatments, and symptoms.

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Hi and thank you for using Brainmass, the solution below should get you started. This solution has been written to provide information, assistance and advise to students for the purpose of tackling the problem (see original problem-question set in the description section) to help in putting together a paper/research/review on the subject of discussion. I hope that this solution will provide you the help you are searching for. Comments are greatly appreciated so that the solution can be continually updated to make it as relevant and useful as possible. All the best with your studies!


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So, how do you put this paper together? First of course you need an outline. As this is just a list, identification, it's easy enough. Also, a 2 page paper double-spaced is around 600 words, even less. I think it would best instead to answer this project using an anatomical (muscular layers showing) of the human body, labelling each part according to which joint you have chosen. I suggest the pivot joint. So your outline should be like this:

1. What is the pivot joint - 100 words.
2. The parts of the pivot joint - 300 words.
3. The movement the joint does (including examples - 200 words.

This outline should suffice and you should add an image; I have attached one for you which you can possibly use. Good luck with this assignment. You can also use the listed resources to further your research.

The Pivot Joint

The pivot joint ...

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The solution provides information, assistance, advise and images regarding the Pivot joint (parts, function,movement and other contained elements). An outline for a paper about it is also included.

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Knee and shoulder joint

PowerPoint consisting of 15 slides,
1) Introduce the anatomy of the knee and shoulder joints (articulating surfaces of bone).
2) Discuss the anatomy of the knee and shoulder. Include labels of:

The ligaments ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, (LABEL WITH THE FULL NAMES) the menisci
The muscles that cross the knee joint: the quadriceps (label all four) and the hamstrings (label all three)

glenoid labrum
bursa and tendon sheath
rotator cuff muscles
rotator cuff ligaments
the major muscles that cross the shoulder to move the humerus: deltoid, pectoralis major, and trapezius
3) Label the tendons, ligaments, and/or internal joint structures that are commonly damaged and what motions cause that damage.

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