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    Michelangelo vs. Leonardo da Vinci

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    Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da Vinci were considered masters of these two qualities. Compare a work of art from each artist. Describe what each work intended to communicate, and discuss how the works communicate their messages. Discuss SPECIFIC techniques that each artist used to convey meaning. For example: composition, color, perspective, chiaroscuro, idealism, sfumato, gesture, size, symbolism, allegory. Be sure to identify where these techniques are used in the works. Also discuss their lines, form, symbolism, function and if it is a three dimensional or two dimensional work.
    Please include all references

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    Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were contemporaries in the Renaissance time period. They were both notably masters of craft (how well the work is executed, or made) and communication (or transmission of the artist's theme, intention or message). This question has been answered several limes in the Brainmass library of solutions if you would like to check several of them and see how differennt OTAs have answered.That might help you craft your response.

    I would first check a museum site, and see if I could find two works of art, one by each master, preferably both paintings, since Leonardo did not create many sculptures that have survived, but Michelangelo did execute a number of paintings that can be easily compared with da Vinci paintings. You have your choice of Museums. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, the Hermitage, and other Museums'collections will yield the two works you'll need for this answer.

    I will copy and paste the relevant information from the sites I used, and will answer the questions. You'll need to read the material also, so you can add comments and thoughts of your own to the beginning answers I provide, to add you own voice and style to this beginning, and so you will be knowledgeable for the class discussions.

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    The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
    Saint Anne, the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus - three generations, two the fruit of immaculate conception - are portrayed in a landscape. The picture was very probably commissioned as an ex-voto to Saint Anne in gratitude for the birth of Louis XII's daughter, but Leonardo worked too long on the picture to deliver it. The composition is a fine example of his experimentation with figure composition and greatly inspired artists of the following generation.

    Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, known as LEONARDO DA VINCI (Vinci, 1452−Amboise, 1519)
    The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
    Wood (poplar)
    H. 1.68 m; W. 1.3 m
    François I's collection
    INV. 776

    The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

    Saint ...

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