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Description Renaissance Art Pieces

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Select two 15th-century (early) Renaissance art pieces. For each piece, offer a name, artist, location of the piece, and citation so you can locate the piece again with ease. While doing your research, consider this criteria.

The specific description of the piece must include a brief analysis of the work relative to the appropriate use of some of the following terms:
- line
- colour
- value
- texture
- shape
- form
- space
- balance
- emphasis
- contrast,
- movement
- rhythm and pattern
- unity

You must be able to use at least two different terms as you describe each piece.

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First of all, as you locate two pieces of Early Renaissance art, I like Masaccio's "Madonna Enthroned" from 1426, which is also called "The Pisa Polyptych: Madonna and Child with Angels." One image is located at http://www.aug.edu/augusta/iconography/masaccioPisaAltarpiece/virginChildThrone.html

I applaud this piece since it exemplifies his wonderful use of colour so well, especially through light. Light is so naturalistic in this piece. It allows us to fully see the drapery on the virgin's knees, for example. Colour and light are also used as shadows are cast on the back of the ...

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This solution provides a brief description of two Renaissance pieces: Masaccio's "Madonna Enthroned" from 1426 and "Tribute Money," also by Masaccio from 1426-28. This solution is 315 words and provides three links to online references.

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