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Fundamentals of Music

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1. Discuss the term Perfect Interval and its origin.

2. Discuss the difference between interval type and interval quality.

3. Discuss the tritone.

4. Discuss interval inversion.

5. Discuss Doubly Augmented and Diminished intervals.

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Perfect interval: There are four that are called perfect, Unison or one, fourth, fifth, and an octave or eight. (referring to the number of half steps between notes) They are called perfect because they are thought to have a pure sound.

The other intervals then are considered imperfect due to sound quality.

"If an interval is determined to be a fifth, like the one above, we need to ask ourselves an important question in order to determine what kind of fifth the interval is: "Is the top note in the major scale of the bottom note?" If the answer is "yes", then the interval will be perfect - a "perfect fifth". If you examine the example above, the question you would ask is "Is the top note ('D') found in a 'G' major scale? You know from the previous scale lesson that the answer to that is "yes". ...

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Fundamentals of Music are defined. The expert discusses the differences between interval types and intervale quality.

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