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    Neitzsche and Christian Beliefs

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    The essay discusses Friedrich Neitzsche's Desire Under the Elms, and mentions how this piece of writing challenges Christian beliefs. Neitzsche encourages people to become free thinkers and to let go of the restrictions that are associated with religion.

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    There were several things that stuck out to me when I read this novel. It gives a clearer understanding about the birth of tragedy and why it is important. By asking the many questions that this piece of work does, it provoked me as a Christian to see things in a different light. I was not aware that Christians were viewed as an archetype of people who were missing the fundamentals of life- to be free. The Dionysian and Apollonian explanations of art given throughout the novel are tremendous. At first, I was unaware of how such a novel could be so wonderful, but after reading Desire Under the Elms, I fully understand that there is a true definition of art when it comes to writing.

    Freeing oneself from the chains of bondage that society enforces is an overriding theme in this novel. The search for a higher definition of life and "what is," begins here. I was first struck with the question of what a philologist is, which is a term that puzzles a lot of people. But apparently a philologist is someone who can see to the depth of things. They are individuals who look beyond what was known and ...

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    This essay discusses and compares the work of several renowned authors such as Nietzsche, Shakespeare, and Wordsworth, with Desire Under the Elms being an introduction and eye opener to many of the themes found in these writings. It briefly touches on some of the themes present in Nietzsche's writing, and will allow readers to experience a simple, but in-depth breakdown of this information.