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    Essay Outline International Art post World War Two

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    The Second World War was supposed to have brought a new peaceful world. Instead, the Cold War began. How did the international artistic community feel about this and then demonstrate it in their work? Provide a basis for your answer by citing specific works and your reasons.

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    Hi there,

    I recommend taking a position on this question, either agree or disagree with the first two sentences and then provide examples to support your work.

    You will want to use artistic examples that support your position and also show off the research you have done on the artists.

    For example, you might argue something like this for your opening paragraph

    First sentence: The devastation caused by the Second World War brought about dramatic changes in the global world of art and culture (etc).

    Second / third sentences: put in stylistic changes / developments here that occurred for the international artistic community
    state who is the ''international artistic community''
    mention the artists who you will discuss in your essay

    Thesis statement: Through the work of (artists here), it is evident that the international artistic community demonstrated (expressions of disillusionment, ...

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    This essay outline provides research approaches to the importance of the international art scene post World War Two.