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    Laird and current military comparison

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    I have outlined a response. I have limited access to materials that support this outline, though I did read the 2013 Department of Defense Fact Sheet:
    Sequestration's Impact on Regaining Readiness, 2011 National Military Strategy, and other documents found at http://www.defense.gov/pubs/, it is difficult to support this information fully. Please read through the outline and let me know where you need further insight. I will continue to look at some information for support and update the post as I find useful information.

    The United States is currently ending not one, but two wars. These wars, like the Vietnam War Laird was addressing, have been long and arduous for the United States military and the government. The toll on the military in terms of troops, equipment, supplies, and costs has been enormous. Laird called for a more flexible, adaptable military, able to move to meet the needs of security of the United States. This challenge is being addressed after decades of not applying the guidance of Laird. In 2003, the Army began to form combat teams to deploy in areas where fighting was needed. These Brigade Combat Teams and the support teams are more flexible and adaptable to different needs the military finds in various situations. It is hoped ...

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    This solution provides a review of Laird's comments during the Vietnam War, his suggestions, and how the current military is meeting the challenges he discussed.