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    Analysis of transactions, prepare financial statements

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    Need an analysis of transactions, balance sheet, income statement, and statement of owners equity completed.

    As of April 30th, Laird had Cash of 1,720. He has 3,240 in accounts receivable, $24,000 in land. $5,400 in accounts payable, and Daniels capital is $23,660

    Considering this info log below...

    During May 2009, the following events occurred:
    A- Laird received $12,000 as a gift and deposited the cash in the business bank account.
    B- Paid off the beginning balance of Accounts Payable.
    C- Performed services for a client and received cash of $1,100.
    D- Collected cash from a customer on account, $750.00
    E- Purchased supplies on account, $720.00
    F- Consulted on the interior design of a major office building and billed the client for services performed, $5,000.
    G- Invested personal cash of $1,700 in the business.
    H- Paid Offices rent, $1,860
    I- Sold supplies at cost to another interior designed for $80 cash
    J- Withdrew cash of $4,000 for personal use.

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