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    Community Artworks Project

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    Look around your community and identify three or four works of art. In your own words, describe why each piece is there and what it says about the individual or individuals it represents. After you have finished, read through "Looking at Art," that is attached.

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    One work of art in my community is one that you can view on the Web at this address: http://the-welters.com/vacation/morocco/ifrane/index.html. It is a massive carved stone lion, supposedly carved by a WWII Prisoner of War, held in an Ifrane POW camp during the conflict. The actual, living Atlas lion is now extinct, but was once indigenous to the Atlas Mountains, where the village of Ifrane is located. The statue has become a rather famous landmark for the small village of Ifrane, and visitors take pictures with the lion daily, as it is located near the center of town (Centreville). The lion is carved from volcanic rock native to the area; there are large boulders of it lying about everywhere. It represents the native wildlife of the area, and has become a symbol of Moroccan power and pride.

    Another work of art I like is painted on one of the exterior walls of a campus building on the campus of Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. It features some scenes from Moroccan life, such as the fabulous, hand-woven rugs that the women make that are sunned to freshen them on the walls of homes, making a lovely tapestry as you pass by with their rich reds and blues. Another part of the mural shows the souks, or the outdoor markets, where produce (fruits and vegetables), among other things, is sold. It uses strong, vibrant colors and is stylized, or slightly abstracted, to show that the scenes could be anywhere in Morocco. The mural is supposed to reflect Moroccan cultural heritage and daily life.

    The last work of art I like in this small village where I work and live outside of the US is a tile floor in an interior plaza at the local marche, or market. This is a courtyard inside the market, one of several, and it is tiled in a repeating pattern ...

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