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    Anthropologic Study

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    Briefly describe an anthropological study in terms of how the data was collected and/or what the research tells us. You may choose a study from the text OR you may go online and find a research example from one of the many anthropology web sites. Here are some interesting sites you are welcome to use or again, feel free to find your own. Just be sure to give us the URL.

    Maya Adventure http://www.smm.org/sln/ma/
    Rewriting Southwestern Prehistory http://www.he.net/~archaeol/9701/abstracts/southwest.html
    Mississippian Culture www.riverweb.uiuc.edu/
    Home of the Cliff Dwellers http://www.swcolo.org/Tourism/Archaeology/MesaVerde.html
    Cherokee http://www.cherokeemuseum.org/
    Digital Library of Appalachia http://www.aca-dla.org/

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    Native Americans: the Mississipian Culture

    All of this information was found at the site above. Information in individual paragraphs was found under the section heading at the end of each paragraph.

    This website was made by the RiverWeb program of the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. This program would like to "promote environmental education and historical and cultural awareness about rivers and their watersheds among students, educators, and their communities, and to facilitate greater citizen participation in environmental monitoring, planning, and policy-making by harnessing advanced information technologies." One of the areas described on this site is the American Bottom region, the area near St. Louis near the confluence of the Mississippi, Illinois, and Missouri rivers. This area was home to the Mississippian people approximately 1000 years ago. About this Site

    Most Native American societies in the region were primarily egalitarian prior to the Mississippian culture. The Mississippian society was a complex chiefdom in which some people had more money, power, status, etc. than others. It was ruled by a chief, who was always male according to historical accounts, mortuary practices, and art. The website includes common ...

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    One of the websites in the problem was used to describe a specific culture and to describe a study in terms of "what the research tells us". Part of the solution includes a definition of a chiefdom.