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    Hypothesis Testing of Mean: Two sample z test

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    7. A researcher is interested in comparing the response times of two different cab companies. Companies A and B are each called at 50 randomly selected times. The calls to the company A are made independently of the calls to company B. The response times for each call are recorded. The summary statistics are as follows

    Company A Company B
    Mean Response time 7.6 minutes 6.9 minutes
    Standard Deviation 1.4 minutes 1.7 minutes
    Sample size 50 50

    Use a 0.02 significance level to test the claim that the mean response time for company A is the same as the mean response time for company B.

    Show the steps of hypothesis testing listed below and support your decision with a p-value.

    a) (3) State the hypotheses being tested.

    Ho: Ha:

    b) (2) State the requirements

    c) (2) Give the computed value of the test statistic. ______________________

    d) (2) What is the p-value of the test? ______________________

    e) (4) State and explain the decision using the p-value method

    f) (3) Based upon your decision, determine what type error you might be making and explain what this means.

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