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    Statistics: Hypothesis Testing and Differentiating Between Samples

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    1. When would you use a one- or two-sample hypothesis test? Provide examples.
    2. What are the differences between dependent and independent samples? Provide examples.

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    (1) We would use one-sample hypothesis test when we want to test for a population parameter, whereas we use two-sample hypothesis test when we want to compare the two samples that may be drawn from a single or two different populations.

    Consider the claim that the mean life of bulbs produced by a company is 1000 hours with a standard deviation of 10 hours.

    If we want to test this claim, then we draw a sample of, say 50 bulbs and compute the z- value using the mean and standard ...

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    Hypothesis testing and differentiating between samples are determines. The differences between dependent and independent samples are provided.