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    Two Tailed Test of Hypothesis

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    In a normal population with sigma=20, a random sample of size n gave X(mean)=56.53. At the 5% significance level, make a two-tailed test of the null hypothesis mu=50, when (a) n=24 (b) n=36.

    In each case report the P value.

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    Since the population standard deviation is known we will use z table in both cases.
    (If it was not known then we would have used t table for sample sizes less than 30 in this case in part a)


    Hypothesized Mean=M = 50
    Standard deviation =s= 20
    sample size=n= 24
    sx=standard error of mean=s/square root of n= 4.0825 = ( 20 /square root of 24)
    Significance level=alpha (a) = 0.05
    No of tails= 2
    This is a 2 tailed test because we ...

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    Two tailed test of hypothesis have been carried out for different sample sizes.