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    Left-Tailed, Two-Tailed and Right-Tailed Differences

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    Explain the difference between a left-tailed, two-tailed, and right-tailed test. When would we choose a two-tailed test? How can we tell the direction of the test by looking at a pair of hypothesis? How can we tell which direction (or o direction) to make the hypothesis by looking a the problem statement (research question)?

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    H0: u = a
    Ha: u not equal a

    H0: u = a
    Ha: u < a

    H0: u = a
    Ha: u > a

    We would select a two tail test; if for instance, we want to see if a bag of pretzels contains exactly 89 ...

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    This response explains when to use a left-tailed, two-tailed, or a right-tailed test.