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The t Test for Two Related Samples

22. In the Preview section of this chapter, we discussed a report describing how the accuracy of Olympic marksmen can be affected by heartbeats. Pelton (1983) reported that Olympic - level marksmen shoot much better if they fire between heartbeats rather than squeezing the trigger during a heartbeat. The small vibrate caused by a heartbeat seems to be sufficient to affect the Marksmen's aim. The following hypothetical data demonstrate this phenomenon. A sample of n = 8 Olympic marksmen fire series of rounds while a researcher records heartbeat. For each marksman, the total score is recorded for shots fired during heartbeats and for shots fired between heartbeats. Do these data indicate a significant difference? Test with  = .05.

Participant During Between
Heartbeats Heartbeat

A 93 98
B 90 94
C 95 96
D 92 91
E 95 97
F 91 97
G 92 95
H 93 97

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The t test for two related samples are examined.