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A set of criteria to evaluate entry level research positions

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Imagine that you are part of the evaluation committee that is charged with evaluating entry-level marketing research professionals for your division. Part of the evaluation process involves each of them presenting a marketing research study to the committee. Assume that they are all given the same information to work from. Devise a set of criteria that you will recommend to use in evaluating the individual presentations. Be sure that these criteria evaluate appropriate research skills.

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The expert devises a set of criteria to evaluate entry level research positions.

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Let us think of key elements behind a solid market research presentation:

- research question was clearly stated to set the precedent of the research study
- good background research is conducted before hand to get a full understanding of the situation
- the sample is properly selected
- survey questions are created in a clear, unbiased manner
- data is analyzed properly
- tabulated data is interpreted correctly
- useful and coherent conclusions are presented

So let us assume that professionals are given a stack of ...

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